Ariana Grande Finally Admits That She’s Dating Mac Miller

Ariana Grande

When Ellen DeGeneres asks you a question, you answer.

Ellen has been perfecting the key to unlocking celeb love secrets for years now, and it seems like her latest victim, Ariana Grande, tried to fight the power but eventually cracked and confirmed what we’ve all been scratching our heads over. Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are officially dating.

Maybe it was all the talk about dick bicycles that got Ariana flustered, but we’re glad Ellen’s interrogation skills are always on point.


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We knew they were “Instagram official” if that even is a thing. We knew she was licking him now in public instead of donuts. We knew they had done some collaborations together in the past. But we didn’t know if Ari was regularly riding Mac’s dick bicycle. At least now we know, she is.

The exchange couldn’t have been more awkward between Ellen and Ariana, you could see the panic on Ariana’s face, but in true Ellen fashion, she persevered and got the answers she knew the people wanted. If only she would run for president.

Ellen said,

I asked you something about him, and you said ‘I’m his homie,’ and now he’s living in your homie.

But without a verbal confirmation there, Ellen pushed on, asking Ariana to come out and say that she and Mac Miller were together, in which she responded.

“Oh, yeah.”

You tried hard, Ari, but there is no match for the power of Ellen.

[via Elite Daily]

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