Arizona Guy Tweets About Wanting To Kill His Roommates, Proceeds To Kill His Roommate

Zachary Penton

One of the biggest things you learn when becoming an RA (I know I know, is my nerd showing rn?) is that random people living together can be a challenge. So one of the first things we do when people move in is to have them sign a roommate contract, talk about expectations, and end in a group chant of “Kumbaya.”

21-year-old Zachary Penton of Gilbert, Arizona, didn’t seem to have ever had a roommate contract. And if he did? It wasn’t exactly effective.

A few days ago he tweeted this:

Which honestly, seems pretty harmless. People tweet shit like that all of the time and usually we’ll just be like “oh no. What did Dan do *this* time?” In a horrifying and tragic twist, however, it turns out he wasn’t exactly kidding.

It hasn’t been released why he killed his roommate, but considering the first tweet was sent after his roommates got upset about a bee, I have a feeling it was something that was equally not a big deal. And if it was *that* big of a deal, you move the fuck out before you kill someone. Literally. According to reports Zachary called the police himself and confessed immediately, but the foreshadowing is just a little too creepy to handle.

So guys, here’s a lesson. Living with randoms is hard. Try to make it work. Communicate. Discuss your frustrations. And if that doesn’t work, get the hell out of there or learn to deal with it. It’s better to have a shitty roommate for one year than a lot of shitty roommates for life when you’re doing time in jail. And while we’re all it, go following all of the people you live with on social media, just to be safe.

[via ABC15]

Image via Twitter / @Zac_Penton

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