Army Officer Wants To Find His Twin Brother A Date To The Ball

Army Officer Wants To Find His Twin Brother A Date To The Ball

I get a whole lot of emails from the TSM and TFM readers. Some are great, others are nasty, and some are just kind of weird. But I couldn’t ignore the one that I got today about a member of our Armed Forces who needs a date to an upcoming ball. I mean, A.) I’m a big believer in supporting the troops and B.) A ball? I mean, what girl hasn’t dreamed of going to a ball?!

But alas, he wasn’t asking me to go. Instead, he was asking me to help find a date for his twin brother. The email:

“My twin and I are both Field Artillery officers in the Army, he’s active and I’m National Guard. He had been dating a great girl for the last six months. They were so awesome together they made me puke rainbows. However, they had been on the rocks for a few weeks before the field exercise that he is on right now. I won’t go into any details about the break up so as to keep everyone happy/not slander her. Though as soon as he started a month in the field she ended things with him. He was absolutely devastated, but being the officer that he is he sucked it up and carried on with his mission.

He tried to patch things up with her over the past month, but she is having none of it. Now here comes the rub. He gets home only a few days before a unit ball that he had already bought tickets for (it’s the 27th of March.) Being that he’s still in the field in another state, he’s not really able to get a replacement. He already tried some old connections, but they have other commitments. So now he’s stuck in the wrong state, recently dumped, and sans a ball date.

Here comes the part where I took it on myself to try and help a brother out. Hoping that social media would use its considerable force to not only get my bro a date for his ball, but also cheer the guy up.”

Seriously, how cute is that? He wants to find his brother a date to the dance? And he’s going to these lengths to do it? How could I NOT help him out? So let’s do this, ladies. Some details about the man in need of a date, 1st Lieutenant Hunter S. Hamilton, Field Artillery:

• 26 years old
• 5’11”, athletic build, blond hair and blue eyes
• Twitter: HamiltonHS88
• Instagram: HunterHamilton921

From his twin brother, Houston:

“My brother and I were born and raised in Washington State, attending college and ROTC at a small state school. We were involved with bringing Greek Life to our university, Hunter being the founding Vice President of our Fraternity. After commissioning in the Army as a Field Artillery officer, Hunter was assigned to Ft. Lewis Washington to one of the Stryker Brigades in the 2nd Infantry Division. He served for seven months in Afghanistan in 2012. When he’s not slaying the enemies of freedom with hundreds of pounds of high explosives he enjoys skiing, arpés skiing, playing rugby, shooting trap and skeet, being in the sun and on the water preferably with copious amounts of beer.”

And some details about the event:

• 8th Squadron 1st US Cavalry Regiment Birthday Ball
• Location: The American Lake Club on Fort Lewis, Washington (state)
• March 27, 2015
• Attire is formal (just do a Pinterest search for ‘Military Ball Dress’ to get the idea)
• A hotel room can be provided at Hunter’s expense

Well, ladies, there you have it. Since Hunter is still in the field, Houston is in charge of the great date search. If you’re interested (and are over 21), email him at And guys – if there are no suitable candidates, let me know. I’ll buy a plane ticket and be there in a heartbeat, ball dress in one hand and vodka in the other.

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