Asshole Journalist Says Frat Guys Deserve Ebola


The whole Ebola outbreak has people pretty up in arms. Deadly diseases just ain’t fun. But our boys over at Total Frat Move like to have a good laugh, often at the expense of literally whatever in the world is trending. That’s how comedy is done. You just talk about what people are talking about in a way they didn’t think about talking about it. Yes, sometimes it’s in poor taste, but I always say that comedians are not positive people. There’s nothing funny about being pleasant. That’s why we call it making fun of things, because you take something that’s not funny (such as Ebola) and make it funny with the commentary bouncing around in your brain.

Elizabeth Kulze over at Vocativ, however, does NOT find this funny. In fact, she is losing her shit over a few harmless TFM posts about Ebola.

“More like TDM as in total dick move, #AmIRight?” Kulze writes. Good one, Liz. And when you kind of liked our little zingers, ol’ Liz was just beside herself. She continued, “Judging by the responses, apparently this is the best idea since ‘Pedophiles and Juveniles’.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Kulze. We do not promote pedophilia. At all. We know the legal age of consent in all 50 states–I think some of the guys here have them memorized–and that is not something we fuck with.

In all honesty, humorless sheep of the internet who are balls deep in outrage culture are not new to us. What I do find a little ridiculous, though, is that Kulze, who found our jokes so horribly offensive and insensitive that she was moved to lecture us on the severity of the disease, said just 300 words later, “Karma, if you’re out there, you know what to do.” Explain to me, explicitly, Lizzy, what karma is supposed to do, because right now, I’m left with the assumption that you mean it is karma’s job to infect fraternity men (All of them? Or just the ones who laughed?) with a deadly disease, just because they made an off-color joke.

Or were you–and here’s the kicker–also just kidding? TDM, Liz, #AmIRight?

Also, you missed this one.

[via Vocativ]

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Veronica Ruckh

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