ASU TKE Throws Incredibly Racist “Blackout For MLK Day” Party

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I’ve always defended Greeks who throw “racist ragers,” because I think a lot of times, people become overly sensitive to things. I personalize the situation, and decide whether or not I’d be offended, not as a white chick, but as an Italian chick. Am I mad when somebody throws a “Mafia Party,” in which guys wear guinea tees, velour sweatpants, and gold chains, and the girls wear tight leopard dresses, hoop earrings, and fake mustaches? No, no I’m not. First of all, that party sounds awesome. Second of all, it’s fun to dress up in costume. I’d not only attend that party, but I’d probably help plan it. If all eyes are on my people, all eyes are on me, and that my friends is a party I’m interested in.

I mean, is it fair that Mexican restaurants can hand out poncho-shaped beer koozies for my Corona bottle, but if I wear one on Cinco de Mayo, I’m being racially insensitive? I don’t think it is. Also, blah blah blah, something about ignoring cultural differences instead of celebrating them because we’re too sensitive and afraid of offending everybody, in itself, is racist.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to defend ASU TKE right now. Let’s check out some of the photos from their “Blackout for MLK Day.”

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Come on, guysss. You carried a watermelon?

From CBS:

“This isn’t appropriate at all and you really have no business dressing like this on a day that’s sort of revered for African-Americans,” said ASU senior Frank Hogan after seeing some of the pictures.

“I think this represents the ignorance that still exists today. This is just one example of the kind of things that occur here,” stated Kaajal Koranteng, also a senior.

Unsurprisingly, the fraternity was suspended after the administration caught wind of their unregistered party. Idea: STOP. THROWING. RACIST. RAGERS. It’s the only way to avoid these repercussions, whether you think they’re warranted or not.

[via CBS]

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