Author Of White Girl Problems, Babe Walker, Reviews Dirty Rush

Author Of White Girl Problems, Babe Walker, Reviews Dirty Rush


I’m Babe Walker. You may know me as author of White Girl Problems and Psychos. Or maybe you know my Twitter @whitegrlproblem, or my instagram, or my snap chat, or my Facebook page, or my vine, or my blog, or my……

Anyway, I’m not even here to talk about me, so shut up for a second and listen to me. I’m here to talk about the book Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell. Most people don’t know this, but young Taylor was my intern two summers ago, and she was actually incredible at it. My almond lattés were always the right hue: burnt caramel. My desk was always neat AF when I got to it in the morning at 4pm, and she reminded me that I am thin enough everyday before leaving work. #Blessed.

The strange thing about Taylor is that she is actually an amazing fucking writer. I’ve never said that about anyone I know, except for me, so this is a big deal. To be honest I didn’t even know Taylor could read or write anything. It never came up when she was working for me. But when she sent me her book, Dirty Rush, I LOL’d very, very hard.

This is the only book I’ve ever read about greek life so what the fuck do I know, but I do know funny and Dirty Rush is the funniest thing I’ve read since I read my last book. I couldn’t put it down.

Alright, I’m feeling nauseous from all of the positivity I’ve been putting into talking about this book, so I need to go now, but you should definitely check out the book, if only to learn about the shit that goes down with the anal beads.


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Babe Walker

Babe Walker is the author of White Girl Problems and Psychos. You can follow her on Twitter at @whitegrlproblem.

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