Avoid Being A Psycho Ex-Girlfriend With These Easy Steps

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Breaking up is hard. Emotions can run high and all you want is to be by yourself–well, with a jar of Nutella. Hey, I’m not judging you, but there are a few things you need to avoid post breakup to keep your sanity and your dignity.

Don’t Make A Pass At Your Best Guy Friend
There’s always one guy who never made it out of the friend zone. You know he would give anything to change that, and now that your single, the attention is tempting. The problem is that this guy typically has feelings for you. REAL feelings. If you’re not 100 percent sure you’re ready to date someone and he’s the one you want, it’s not worth hurting the friendship just so you have a cuddle buddy for a few weeks. Not to mention, he’ll feel completely used.

Don’t Go On A Social Media Stalk-Fest
Nothing good ever comes out of overanalyzing your ex’s statuses or tweets. The time you spend sitting there obsessing about any girl who writes on his wall and then proceeding to go through every photo you can see is a waste. Instead, find something you can be excited about, like applying for an internship or crafting for big/little revelation. If you find yourself committing this crime against your social life, cut your losses and unfriend the loser.

Don’t Send The Drunk Text
Or five. Or drunk Snapchat. When you do it, it feels like, “Woo! Look at all the fun I’m having!” However, there’s a good chance you look like a hot mess. While it may not hurt to let a few slip, don’t make it an every night thing. You’re much better off snapchatting a picture of you taking a trip or seeing a movie with your friend.

Don’t Obsess Over His New Girlfriend
You have every right to feel hurt and you don’t have to like her, but don’t go out of your way to try to make this girl miserable. It doesn’t matter if you know her or not, because the only person who comes off looking bitter is you. Telling your best friend you have this theory that if you cut off all her hair, she’d look like a British man may be fine, but not everyone wants to talk about her as much as you do. Keep the bashing to a minimum and focus on what will make you happy.

Don’t Subtweet The Breakup
You may think it’s a great idea to quote something you found on Pinterest that reflects how you feel post breakup. You might even think no one will figure it’s about your ex. You’re wrong. Tweeting something vague about relationships or exes doesn’t show anyone you’re over it. Instead, it shows people you’re still thinking about him. Don’t get me wrong, it’s completely human of you to still think about him, but if you really need to tell him, tell him face to face (soberly) instead of through the Internet.

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