Bachelor Sean Lowe Visits UCLA Delta Gamma House

“The Bachelor Nation Party Van” has recently come to life. What seems to be the most amazing party bus in the world drives The Bachelor‘s Sean Lowe and Chris Harrison to a variety of viewing parties held for them throughout California. If any of the bachelors were going to pull this kind of publicity stunt, it would definitely be Sean, with his affinity for strange pranks.

Sean and Chris recently made their first stop on the tour at UCLA’s Delta Gamma house. Sean showed up shamelessly shirtless, smiling for the DG ladies. Apparently, ABC has decided to save Sean from his former life as a family man in the suburbs of Dallas, and let him be full-time eye candy. Not a bad gig, but it begs the question: if Sean is willing to do this tour, presumably meeting hundreds of gorgeous, single women in the process, is it possible that his season of The Bachelor didn’t really end with love? A romance that started on a reality TV show failed? Shocker! I’m calling it right now. He followed in Bachelor Ben’s footsteps, proposed to the resident psychopath, Tierra (which is a stripper name, anyway), and called it off after a few short weeks in the real world, when he saw how unbearable she is.

So how did the ladies of Delta Gamma get so lucky? Apparently, they won a contest. So, where can I sign up? The things I would do in that van.

[via Wet Paint]

Image via Wet Paint


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