Bachelorette Chad Stole Another Contestant’s Ex And Put It All Over Instagram

Chad is back, motherfuckers, and he’s here to steal yo’ girl. In this case specifically, he stole Robby’s girl. Robby, the one who looks just like the rest of them, allegedly dumped his long term girlfriend, Hope, and booked a one way ticket to reality fame as soon as he was casted on this season of The Bachelorette. Here they are, looking so gorgeous it’s annoying:

Ugh, the matching Lilly just makes you believe in true love. But there is hope (no pun intended). Chad managed to meet up with the damsel in distress and rescue her from her fortress of fiery hatred.

According to his caption, it seems like they have been planning to meet up for a while. He gases Robby straight in the eyes by calling him a liar and a cheater under not one, but TWO kissing pictures with his ex-girlfriend. Unbelievable.

They were in Tulsa together? He had time to take a break from selling the finest homes Tulsa can offer to prove that he can and will do whatever the fuck he wants? What could he possibly do next?

Image via Youtube

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