Bad News, There’s Going To Be A ‘Lulu’ App For Everyone So We Can All Get Rated By Our Exes


Remember Lulu? The app that we continuously downloaded then deleted so that we could stalk potential boyfriends, and throw our exes under the buss? It made girls everywhere wonder “why does my boyfriend have a low level of commitment” and it made guys wonder what the hell we were saying about them. For awhile, we were the winners. We could log onto the app and talk total shit, and unless they borrowed a girl’s phone, they couldn’t see it.

We had hoped that this day wouldn’t come, but unfortunately, it’s here. Or at least it will be next month. In November, a Lulu for everyone is being released, and it’s going to be a literal nightmare.

According to NY Mag, the new app called “Peeple” will seriously let you rate, well, everyone.

From NY Mag:

The app lets you review and assign a number rating to every person you know…not just for your looks; people from your personal, professional, and romantic life can rate you as a person, or perhaps more accurately, a person-shaped object.

The app does come with some baseline rules to prevent Peeple from becoming the next frontier for rampant teen cyberbullying. For example: Negative reviews sit in a queue for 48 hours to give users time to contest them; sexism, profanity, and mentioning private health conditions are banned; and you have to be logged into your real Facebook profile in order to rate a person.

It’s being called the “Yelp” for humans, and people. are. pissed.

I tried getting on the website, but it’s down. That’s either because so many people are sickly curious about this, or the founder Julia Cordray, has taken it down because of all of the hate. And trust me, I get it. This sounds like a really bad idea that could lead to a lot of horrible things. I’m totally against it, and think we should put a stop to it immediately. Unless of course, I have really awesome reviews on there, then like, everyone chill.

I’m anxious to see how this plays out, and if the app does get released, I hope all of the mean comments I left on Lulu don’t come back to haunt me now, because karma and rating people on creepy apps, is a bitch.

[via NY Mag]

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