Barbie’s Biggest Fan Spends $70,000 To Live Like The Doll

Barbie and Ken

Azusa Sakamoto is not like most girls. This 34-year-old woman, originally from Japan, has spent $70,000 on Barbie home furnishings and accessories. She currently owns countless Barbie items, including 145 dolls, 40 pairs of shoes and 60 bags. Azusa said she fell in love with the doll after she bought her first Barbie lunchbox when she was 15. I had one of those when I was like five but to each their own.

She told Daily Mail:

It was pink and had a Barbie doll picture from the 80s on it, I was just in awe. I had to have it. There was no way I was leaving the shop without it so I used all my pocket money to buy it. Ever since that moment I’ve been Barbie and pink mad.

Azusa refers to herself as Azusa Barbie, yet insists she is not trying to actually be the doll. She has even dyed her hair pink and everything.

Everyone kept asking for photos and I was told I look like Barbie, but I’m not trying to be Barbie, I just love the brand.

I can’t make this shit up, literally EVERYTHING she owns is Barbie related. Azusa says her whole wardrobe and shelves are filled with all the matching shoes, bags, and nails. Her entire house is covered in Barbie including bedding, rugs, wall art, kitchenware, utensils, cutlery, jewelry, creams, and even underwear.

If something isn’t Barbie then I’ll brand it myself with stickers and accessories.

Somehow, this chick has a boyfriend. I know what you’re wondering. No, he is not a man who has dedicated his life to look and live like Ken. He is a 31-year-old doctor in LA.

Thankfully my boyfriend is really cool about my Barbie obsession. He fully supports me. Barbie has been in my life for as long as I can remember now, so if I was asked to choose between a man and my Barbie stuff, I’d pick Barbie.

Ouch. That’s cold of her. Still, if she manages to be this crazy *and* land a doctor? I should take notes.

Here is how much Azusa has spent on Barbie:

Barbie dolls: $5,000
Barbie trips/conferences: $3,900
Barbie clothes: $23,000
Barbie shoes: $2,500
Barbie bags: $6,500
Barbie accessories: $2,500
Barbie home furnishings: $27,000
Total: $70,000

But hey, who am I to judge? Everybody has their own interests. Hers just happens to be a pretty doll that is meant for kindergarteners and dating successful doctors. That bitch.

[via Daily Mail]

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