Baylor Says It’s Cool To Be Gay Now, Homosexuals Everywhere So Relieved

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I love it when people begin to rant about homosexuals, and open their statements with “You can be gay, just…” Like, thank you for the permission. I’m sure gay people everywhere were just dying for your authorization on the matter. You’re so generous.

As of May 15, Baylor University has officially changed its sexual conduct policy, in one of the biggest “You can be gay, just…” moments yet. Texas, man. They always gotta do it big.

The new policy states that “homosexual acts” are no longer a “misuse of God’s gift.” Until this moment, the university has apparently prohibited being gay in the same way it has prohibited sexual assault, incest, and adultery. Not sure how anyone with a functioning, human brain could ever think that these four acts are at all on the same level, but whatever.

I, for one, am relieved. I don’t dig chicks or anything, and I’m definitely too stupid to go to Baylor, but it’s nice to see one of the most traditionally Baptists schools in the world face reality and revise ancient, bullshit policies. Hats off to whatever board member had the epiphany that gay people aren’t the spawn of Satan, and then decided to get up off his ass and actually do something about it.

Don’t get your hopes up too high, guys. Premarital sex is still a big no-no.

[via Chron]

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