Behati Prinsloo And Adam Levine Are Having A Baby


I know it’s terrible, but I’ve always stupidly held out hope that Adam Levine would wise-up, divorce his model wife (who is also hysterical and fun), and decide that he wants to be with a normal girl with above average boobs and a below average ass. AKA me. I want Adam Levine to want me. Even after he got married, I never gave up on what has to be one of the dumbest fantasies ever. But alas, it’s time to finally call it quits on my hopes of becoming Mrs. Adam Levine.

As multiple news sources are reporting, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are expecting their first child together. ET Online reports that Behati is roughly three months into her first pregnancy and that the happy couple already knows the sex of the baby. Given that most Hollywood couples typically wait until the second trimester to announce because risk of miscarriages greatly decrease, we can all expect the supermodel and Maroon 5 front man to publicly confirm within the next few weeks.

I thought Chrissy Teigen’s and John Legend’s child would be the most genetically blessed baby of 2016 but given that Behati would be expected to give birth late summer/early fall, it looks like baby girl Legend is going to have some stiff competition. Both babies will come from supermodel mothers and musically inclined fathers. It also doesn’t hurt that both baby daddies are beyond easy on the eyes. Personally, I’d cast my vote for baby Legend to be the hottest. Sure, Adam Levine is slightly more attractive than John Legend, but I just have a feeling that the world in unprepared for the beauty that will arise when the baby’s gene pool is equal parts African-American, Norwegian, and Thai.

My vote is still for Legend Baby being the cutest, but it will be damn close.

What couple do you think will have the most adorable baby of 2016?

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[via ET Online]

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