Being In A Relationship Actually Puts You At Higher Risk For HIV


If you aren’t “Facebook official” with a guy right now, stop bitching. Being single might not be as bad as taking that next step and committing. Research shows that being in a monogamous relationship might actually lead to HIV. Say whaaaaa?!?

From Psychology Today:

Since the message has been that monogamous sex is “safe sex,” condom use decreases significantly as soon as a relationship is defined as monogamous. The problem is that what many people define as monogamy is, at best, serial monogamy, the act of going from one short-term monogamous relationship to another, which, over time, results in multiple partners.

Participants in a study were asked to determine if hypothetical relationships were considered monogamous based on multiple infidelity scenarios. The (disturbing AF) results showed that regardless of whether or not cheating is involved, participants considered a relationship to be monogamous if love was mentioned. So just because the big “L” was thrown out there, it doesn’t mean he’s not getting it on with that slutty girl from his English class, too. Lovely, right?

The study then observed the participants’ own relationships that they labeled “monogamous.” I put that in quotes because it’s a total fucking joke. Some reported they were having sex outside their relationship (you know, the monogamous one), and use condoms less than those who were single.

If someone labels their relationship monogamous, when it is not, and then uses the perceived safety of monogamy to forego condom use, then monogamy, as practiced in the real world, could increase an individual’s risk of HIV and STI’s. And, in fact, many people who contract HIV do so in the context of a relationship rather from a stranger or a one-night-stand.

Basically, since cheating has unfortunately become such a common thing within today’s day and age, whether you’re in a relationship or single, the right selection is to protect his erection. Ain’t “love” grand?

[via Psychology Today]

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