These Are The Best Bars On South Padre Island

best bars south padre island

1. Louie’s Backyard

Louie’s Backyard after dark is one of the biggest party spots on South Padre Island. This place is two stories and overlooks Laguna Madre Bay, and their seven bars make getting drunk off piña coladas and margaritas a quick and painless experience. This is the place you want to go to after spending all day at the beach. It’s always packed on spring break and they typically have some pretty incredible DJs and artists play at night. If you’re going to South Padre for spring break, you need to hit up Louie’s just to say to experienced it.

2. Coconuts

Coconuts is right next to Louie’s Backyard, so if it’s too crowded and you can’t get in there, go here. It’s an all night party spot and it will make even your wildest college nights look tame. Cheap drinks, good music, and crowds of people is what awaits you at Coconuts. Pro tip: leave your dignity at home. You won’t need it here.

3. Wanna Wanna Beach Bar and Grill

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Wanna Wanna is the perfect beach bar. Grab a frozen daiquiri at this spring break hot spot and stumble your way onto the beach with 500 of your closest friends. It’s actually an inn as well as a bar, but you’ll probably be staying at one of the bigger spring break hotels. If you happen to drunkenly walk by, stop by for a drink or six. You’re seriously not going to want to leave the beach after a few of their super strong drinks, so don’t forget the sunscreen.

4. Laguna BOB

Laguna BOB’s is also located on the Laguna Madre waterfront next to Louie’s Backyard and during spring break it’s absolutely packed with drunk college kids. You’re right in the heart of all the action, which is absolutely where you want to be. Get ready to chug more cheap drinks than you probably should, dance on tables, and make some of those timeless college memories you’ll always look back on.

5. Tequila Sunset

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This nightclub gets absolutely wild during spring break. As soon as you walk in, you’re hit with the unmistakable stench of tequila and bad decisions. If you’re looking for the epitome of college spring break, you’ve found it. Tequila Sunset is filled with never ending streams of alcohol, horny college kids, and just enough regret to make it fun. It’s total chaos, which is what makes it so fucking fun.

6. Clayton’s Beach Bar

Clayton’s Beach Bar isn’t open late into the night like the other bars on this list, but it’s a must stop for any spring breaker. It’s the self-proclaimed “biggest beach bar in Texas,” which means literally everyone who goes to South Padre for spring break will be there. Their dual-level deck bar will make you feel like you’re the queen of spring break, and with events like the frozen t-shirt challenge and the Ms. Clayton Spring Break Pageant, you could literally be crowned queen. Clayton’s is definitely the place to be.

One thing’s for sure: no matter where you go, spring break at South Padre will not disappoint.

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