Best Board On Pinterest: My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter

This morning, by some incredible stroke of luck, I came across the most amazing Pinterest board I have ever seen. In all my hours of not-studying for exams, in all my nights spent planning the wedding I’ll never have, I had never stumbled upon something so exquisite…until now.

The board, created by genius Tiffany Beveridge, chronicles the outfits worn by Quinoa, the author’s imaginary well-dressed daughter. Not only does it promote delusions of a happily ever after and feature adorable children dressed better than most adults I know, but we can all agree that Quinoa, her BFF Chevron, and all their little friends are the most hilarious, chic, and fabulous toddlers out there. These are some of my favorite pins.


When out in public with Quinoa, I can hear the sound of hipster ovaries swelling with want.

Quinoa 2

Quinoa always keeps a spare “urban outfit” in my purse in the event we’re going to be around a lot of chain link fencing.

13 Quinoa

Quinoa loves her friend Hugo, but wishes that he didn’t try quite so hard.

17 Quinoa

Quinoa prays that someday all the children of the world will have well-tailored clothes and accessories.

12 Quinoa

I always give in to Quinoa’s begging. First she wanted only the retro romper, quickly followed by the sunglasses, head scarf, and 50s diner as accessories. I’m such a sucker.


One time when Quinoa and I got separated in a busy train station, she thankfully remembered our safety training: stay in one place, look spectacular, and don’t talk to poor people.


Quinoa draws inspiration from Don Draper, Indiana Jones, and Diane Keaton.

4 Quinoa

When I asked Quinoa what was on the horizon, she stared at it and said, “Chambray.”

5. Quinoa

Sometimes Quinoa gets pouty when she turns on the TV and Heidi Klum has stolen her look yet again.

9 Quinoa

When Quinoa wants volume, she doesn’t just tease her hair, she relentlessly bullies it.

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Veronica Ruckh

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