Best Boyfriend Ever Gives His Girlfriend A Kidney, Saves Her Life


It isn’t even Christmas yet and your boyfriend is already in trouble because his present is absolute shit compared to what Bairon Garzon gave his girlfriend of six years, Raquel Gomez.

Raquel has suffered from Alport syndrome since birth, a genetic disorder that causes kidney disease. In 2014, the disease progressed far enough that she needed dialysis every night. Her dependence on the dialysis machine really put a damper on her social life, but that didn’t stop this couple from getting engaged last Christmas.

Raquel needed a new kidney if she wanted to get off the dialysis machine, but the average wait time for a new kidney in New York is five to ten years. Although her sister and mother were both tested, neither of them were a match.

Bairon decided to get tested and when the results came back, they scheduled surgery immediately. By some miracle, his blood type is type O, which makes him a universal donor and perfect match for Raquel.

Her condition was worsening, so surgery happened relatively quickly. While holding hands in their side-by-side beds in pre-op, Bairon recalls the nurses telling them, “You’re a match made in heaven.”

Both Raquel and Bairon recovered beautifully, and this incredible gift has given Raquel a new chance at life. He jokes that this gift is better than anything he could buy her.

“I’m not giving her any more gifts. That’s it,” Bairon told the New York Post. “No, I’m only kidding, I don’t look at it like that. I did it to help her get back to her normal life.”

The couple is looking forward to their healthy, happy future together, and that includes their wedding in September. “I tell him every day he’s my hero,” Raquel says of Bairon.

Ugh. Why won’t my boyfriend give me his kidney?

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via The Knot

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