Best Ex-Husband Ever Just Paid His Wife’s Alimony Solely In Pizza


If we’re being honest, what I’m most looking forward to about my first divorce is the alimony payment. Getting paid to be a housewife without the burden of picking up dirty boxers off the floor? Sign me up. While the paycheck would be great, a woman in Italy just hit the alimony jackpot because hers is going to be solely paid for in pizza.

Since alimony payments in Italy can be extraordinarily high, pizzamaker Nicola Toso knew that paying his ex-wife, Nicoletta Zuin, might actually bankrupt him. While this is awesome for Nicoletta, Nicola knew he’d have to come up with another way to send his monthly paychecks to his ex and came up with a brilliant solution: pizza.

While Nicoletta originally refused, because last time I checked, Céline does not accept pepperoni as a form of payment, a judge ruled in court that because her ex was broke, pizza would have to do. Honestly, this seems like a huge win for Nicoletta — now I just need to consult her on how to ditch a man and receive an unending supply of free pizza in one fell swoop.

[via Quartz]

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