Best News Ever: Apparently You Can Lose Weight By Drinking Wine This Summer

Skinny Drunk

We all have that dream. You know that one. You say goodbye to your college friends for the summer, disappear for three months, and come back in the fall looking hot AF. It seems easy enough. You eat clean, work out four times a day, and endlessly snap pictures of yourself at the gym. It’s a great plan. Until you get home and suddenly you have a fridge full of food that you didn’t pay for, parents who want to take you out to dinner, and friends who want to do fun things (read: not sweat at the gym like a psychopath).

Luckily for all of us, there’s another way to get skinny this summer (thank God. Because LOL at going to the gym). And it might just be the best news that we have ever heard. The secret? Wine.

According to Daily Mail, a study was just conducted, and it turns out drinking wine will actually help you get slim.

A 13-year Harvard University study of 20,000 women found that those who drank half a bottle of wine a day had a 70 per cent reduced risk of obesity compared to non-drinkers. And the U.S. government’s official alcohol body, the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism concluded that ‘when alcohol is substituted for carbohydrates, calorie for calorie, subjects tend to lose weight, indicating that they derive less energy from alcohol than from food’.

Another study, presented at the European Conference on Obesity in Prague last week, found that a glass of red wine every night increased the levels of the ‘good’ cholesterol HDL.
It could help improve type 2 diabetes because it boosted glucose metabolism. This is the process by which simple sugars found in many foods are processed and used to produce energy.

And crucially, the author allows a glass of wine a day (he claims to drink one himself), with the idea being that if you’re allowed to indulge occasionally you’re more likely to persevere. Red wine is recommended over white on account of its antioxidant qualities.

Apparently, the trick is to drink a large, full bodied glass of red after dinner and BAM! You’ll be skinny. Sure, it’s a hassle to switch from riesling to merlot, especially in the summer months, but I never said this would be easy. It will take dedication, determination, and endlessly asking people to “slap the bag” with you. And as for that “one glass” thing? I say you need to really commit. More is better when it comes to diets. So go ahead, drink the whole bottle and just wait for the abs to start developing.

[via Daily Mail]

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