The 8 Best Spring Break Bars In Cancun

Girls on Spring Break

1. Cuncrawl

First of all, let’s talk about if you want the *whole* bar experience. For about $90 you’ll have a guide take you to three or four of the best bars in Cancun. But it’s not some shitty tour or anything. It’s unlimited alcohol. No cover charges. No lines. No busses. No trying to figure out where to go when you’re wasted and lost and sad because you just remembered that your childhood dog died sometime this month three years ago. These guys take care of everything so you can have the perfect night — stress-free.

2. Mandala Cancun

This oriental atmosphere is one of the highest rated clubs in Cancun and for good reason. There’s a pool you can hang out in, awesome service, drinks at your beck and call, and performances to make you feel like fucking royalty.

3. The City Discotheque

The rumored “biggest club in Latin America” The City is the place to be. It’s a huge venue with lots of music, dancing, and even body paint not to mention glow sticks, light shows, and balloons. It’s only open on Friday nights, but all of the reviews say the same thing: this is the place to go.

4. La Vaquita Cancun

If you want an open-air dance hall, tons of professional dancers, delicious, strong drinks, and world-class DJs, this is your place. Described as the best club in the world by tons of visitors, this place is for the hardcore. Do yourself a favor and make a reservation ahead of time because this is not a place to miss.

5. Senor Frog’s

I hate to put this on here, but it’s actually really highly rated on all of the travel sites, so my hands are tied. If you’ve ever been on a cruise you know Senor Frog’s. It’s a fun place with great music and lots of dancing — not to mention crude balloon hats. If you’re traveling and trying to get a feel for the place you’re in, don’t go here. Seriously. You’re better than a tourist trap. But if you don’t care and you want a place with fun drinks and music you know, it’s nice to know that this classic is here.

6. Palazzo

One thing that stood out with this place? Lot’s of “good looking people.” Apparently this is where the hotties goes. And while it gets crowded (what else is new) it has a cover charge with all-you-can-drink drinks after. People advise going well fed (want to avoid that hangover the next day) and ready to drink your body weight in coctails and dance your face off. Sounds pretty Spring Break-y, right?

7. Dady’O

One of the more club-y places, Dady’O has everything you want in a vacation club. Lots and lots and lots of people, endless drinks, sexy entertainment, and impressive DJs. This place fills up fast because it’s so popular, so the locals advise getting there early. The staff is very friendly and will go our of their way to make your night awesome. Tip well and you might even get bumped up to VIP — that’s what the word on the street is, at least.

8. Coco Bongo

Considered the “mecca” of nightlife in Cancun this place has it all — lots of people, cheap drinks, and insane music. There’s tons of entertainment and dancers to keep you feeling it. Lots of people suggest buying VIP and that the price is totally worth it, otherwise you might have to deal with long lines and lots of people. Considering the menu, the live dancers, and the electric feel it’s no wonder this place is a must-visit.

And if all else fails, there is a Pat O’Briens and a *shudders* Margaritaville. Whatever you decide, live it up, DRINKS LOTS OF WATER, and have a fucking blast. College spring break comes but four times in lifetime. Don’t waste it.

For more spring break ideas and trip packages, head on over to TFM Spring Break.

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