Are Blondes *Actually* Better Than Brunettes?

blonde or brunette

I was born to be a bottled-blonde. When I was young I had golden locks, but by the time I was 12 they had started to turn a deep dirty blonde and my mom suggested that I get highlights or get disowned. I sat in that chair as yellow was streaked thought my hair and I’ve never looked back (besides the occasional breakups where I buy a box of dark brown dye and cover my head, regretting it in like two days). It’s not that I don’t like brunette hair or anything, it’s just that I’m supposed to be a blonde. I feel it in my soul.

Growing up, I always had a brunette best friend. I didn’t do that on purpose, but it just seemed natural. I like attention, and being blonde naturally seemed to get me a little more of it. But as time went on, things changed. The “perfect” girl was no longer described as free-spirited blonde, but a more put together brunette. Less Serena, more Blair. So recently Buzzfeed set out to find out what attracts people more, yellow or brown hair? And the results are pretty insane.

Basically what happened is she went on Tinder as both a brunette and a blonde and talked to people on the street to get opinions, as well as had someone show people her picture and decide what they thought she was like. When she was a brunette she got 33/100 matches on Tinder and 88/100 as a blonde. Literally over 50 more matches when she changed her hair color. And then, when asked what people assumed she would be like when shown her pictures on the street, the brunette picture got words like “serious,” “artsy,” and “intimidating,” whereas the blonde picture got words like “curious,” “warm” and “happy.”

So what does this mean? That we should all head to the nearest colorist and all get honey colored hair? Fuck no. It’s just a matter of perception. First, you have to decide if you even care about this sort of thing. If random people’s perspective of you don’t matter, then who the hell cares? Second of all, not everyone wants to be around the bubbly blonde. Some people like the vibe that brunettes apparently give off better. Some people are born to be brunettes, both literally and figuratively.

So whether you’re offended or don’t give a fuck about this just remember — there are pros to both. I mean come on. Serena might be loved and envied by more people, but she ends up with Dan Humphry. At the end of the day, a brunette ends up with Chuck Bass, so I think we all know who the real winner is.

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