Beyoncé Loses Emmy, Angry Beyhive Swarms Twitter


Hold up, they don’t love you like we love you, Bey. Something don’t feel right, because it ain’t right. Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” lost an Emmy to “Grease: Live!” last night. We were all waiting on Kanye to come out and say, “I’ma let you finish, “Grease: Live!”, but Beyoncé had the best Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special OFF ALL TIME!” But he didn’t. And we are all saddened by this tragic loss.

Beyoncé didn’t give any attention to her Emmy losses last night because what’s worse? Looking jealous or crazy? Or like, being walked all over lately? Beyoncé is is a classy lady, so she let her internet minions take care of all the crazy for her post-Emmy-loss.

It is a known fact that when you mess with Beyoncé, you get the wrath of the whole hive; just ask Becky with the good hair. So in true twitter troll fashion, I went on a little scavenger hunt to find some of the best reaction’s to Beyoncé’s loss because no one messes with the bee hive unless they want to get stung.

If it were up to us, they would have a whole “Beyoncé” category and no one could win unless they were Beyoncé and did Beyoncé things. Has anyone actually even seen “Grease: Live!” Oh, no? Didn’t think so.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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