Beyoncé Orchestrates Epic Onstage Proposal For Her Backup Dancer

beyoncé backup dancer proposal

Beyoncé. A woman of many talents. Singer. Dancer. Actress. Creator of bees. To add to her growing list of skills, Beyoncé can now write in proposal planner.

At her September 10th show in in St. Louis, Bey had a surprise up her sleeve (and no, it wasn’t another album drop). During the song that invented leotards, “Single Ladies,” Beyoncé took a break to catch her breath and pull an “unsuspecting” “regular” “not planted” audience member out of the crowd to join in on the choreographer. Pretty standard to her usual shows.

Except this time, it wasn’t. Instead of a “plucked” audience member, out walks her choreographer, John Silver. Silver then takes the mic, and begins professing his love for his girlfriend (and Beyoncé’s backup dancer), Ashley Everett. As if proposing isn’t terrifying enough, imagine taking center stage and hearing your voice booming over a stadium of thousands. Sounds like an actual nightmare.

The proposal, planned by Beyoncé herself, is a real life fairytale. After getting the rock, she got a huge hug from Mrs. Knowles-Carter, roaring applause, then got to finish up the “Single Ladies” choreography showcasing her new diamond. Any attention seeker’s dream come true.

I’m pretty numb when it comes to proposal videos at this point, but admittedly, this one has me teary-eyed.

That’s a framer.



I’d pick this over a flash mob any day.

[via BuzzFeed]

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