Blac Chyna Gives Interview About All This Rob Stuff

Blac Chyna Gives Interview About All This Rob Stuff

Just a little over a year ago came the news that Rob and Blac Chyna were engaged, and a month later that the pair were due to have a child, and that information just about ruined my life. I have hated Chyna since the beginning. I have hated what she’s tried to do to the Kardashian name, and I have really fucking hated what she’s done to Rob.

It’s been very clear for a very long time that the relationship, at the very least, was suspicious. We have a stripper and her social climbing baby daddy dating a much more famous, much more successful woman who is ten years her junior, and we have a fat, depressed, mentally ill man with an important last name who nobody had paid any mind to in awhile. And suddenly, said stripper is dating said man, and gets knocked up, and finally people are saying her name. And just a year later, they go from a “happy family” to Chyna sending videos to Rob of her about to fuck another man.

Rob, a mentally ill man with a large social following, responded like a mentally ill man with a large social following might respond: by going absolutely ballistic and spilling all of that Blac tea. And in the process, whoopsies, leaking her nudes, which actually gave her two legs to stand on. This morning Chyna was on Good Morning America and gave her side of things.

Look. Revenge porn is wrong. There is no excusing Rob’s actions here. What he did was absolutely a violation of her trust and of the law. However, his wrong response does not excuse her wrong action, of preying on a sick man and later tormenting him, and bringing a child into the world for revenge.

In short, I can’t wait for this episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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Veronica Ruckh

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