Brace Yourselves: “Frozen” Inspired Halloween Costumes Are Here

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Halloween is approaching quickly, and we’re all freaking out. It’s a chaotic time for those of us who have a harder time picking a costume than picking a major. Let’s face it–it’s a big deal. It’s always a good idea to work with what your mama gave you, using your unique hair color or body shape to pick the costume that’s perfect for you. Just remember to be original, and whatever you do, don’t be a fucking cat.

If you still can’t figure out what look to rock, recently released some outfits to replicate those worn by our homegirls, Elsa and Anna. Feel free to channel your inner child and sport one of these “Frozen”-inspired costumes.

First, let’s take a look at sexy Anna.


PROS: Pretty cute and partially practical. That cape could definitely be used as a bib when you inevitably puke up all the cheap vodka you chugged in desperation when absolutely zero boys recognized your costume.

CONS: Preferable for those who live in the cold, northern regions, this look says, “I’m probably really high maintenance, and have yet to emotionally mature past the eighth grade.”

Next, we take a gander at sexy Elsa.



PROS: Ultimately pretty badass. Elsa is hands down the cooler sister, and these costumes prove it. Sure, the dresses are pretty tight, but you’ll be too power-hungry and hammered to notice your seasonal food baby.

CONS: Floor-length Halloween costumes are uncomfortable, and realistically, they’ll probably get you into some trouble. Not only will you totally sweat your lady balls off, but you’ll probably trip over your train and have it stepped on a solid 30 times per party. Tread lightly.

Lastly, sexy Olaf.



Cons: I’m just going to say it. This costume is pretty ridiculous. Everyone will probably think you’re just a regular snowman, unless you go all out and buy a pair of buckteeth to complete the ensemble. Also, I don’t even need to point out why white is a bad idea for the rager you probably plan on attending. Hello, shot stains.

[via BuzzFeed]

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