BREAKING: Good Guy Paul Rudd Tackles Crazy Homophobic Man In Dallas Airport

There’s a video circulating around the internet of “good samaritans” at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport tackling a homophobic man to the ground after watching him insult and then attack a man because he thought said man was gay. This guy is clearly deranged, or maybe he’s just a huge asshole. Things escalate when he throws a punch at the man he accuses of being gay. Bystanders, including a man in a cowboy hat, spring into action and take down the man until airport security arrives. Faith in humanity restored, blah, blah, blah. That’s all well and good, but when someone points out that one of the men taking down this homophobic bigot bears a striking resemblance to Paul Rudd, everything changes. Take a look for yourself. The action starts at 1:15, and you can see Paul Rudd come out of nowhere to save the world from this crazy redneck.


That’s totally him, right?! He’s dressed too well to NOT be a celebrity. Look at the shoes. Paul Rudd has yet to confirm, but this picture is all the convincing we need. Funny, charming, and a hero–as if we needed another reason to love this man.

UPDATE: Apparently Paul Rudd’s reps have confirmed the sexy hero is not our lovable “Clueless” star. Sigh. Next question: is the Paul Rudd lookalike single?

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Cristina Montemayor

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