Breaking: Men’s Health Thinks Women Are Too Stupid To Understand Sports

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I’ll admit it: I’m not a sports girl. Maybe it’s because I grew up with a military father who was often deployed, so Sundays — with my mom — were typically spent watching old chick flicks and catching up on homework. Maybe it’s because I spent my formative years doing individual athletic activities like tennis and gymnastics. Maybe it’s because I went to a city college without a football team. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because things like football and hockey just never really interested me. But, contrary to what Men’s Health would like you to believe, it is not because I’m stupid.

I have tons of female friends who love sports, and, while maybe I don’t share the same passion, I’ve never thought anything of it. You know why? Because it’s the 21st century and women can do whatever the fuck we want. We can dress how we want, eat what we want, vote for who/what we want, date who we want, and, oh yeah, like whatever we want. But, again, Men’s Health seems to disagree.

In an article titled “The Secret to Talking Sports with Any Woman,” writer Teresa Sabga (yes, a woman, no, I don’t understand), said the following:

Not all women share your passion for sports, in case you hadn’t noticed. The reason? They need story lines.

“Most women don’t care about stats,” says Andrei Markovits, Ph.D., coauthor of Sportista: Female Fandom in the United States. So while you’re enthusing about Dominic Moore’s scoring record, she’d rather hear about how he supported his wife’s battle with cancer—and even took a season off from the NHL at the height of his career. Treat your heroes as people and not just players on a field, and you’ll suck her in.

Just don’t expect her to wear the foam finger.

And there you have it, ladies. No stats for you. And people wonder why young girls lose interest in science and math. Uhh. I’ve got the answer: it’s because we tell them they’re too stupid and emotional to understand. Seriously, Men’s Health? What a joke.

[via Men’s Health]

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