Breaking: The iPhone 7 Is Rumored To Be Waterproof


Being a basic bitch isn’t easy. It’s not for everyone. It’s the constant struggle of deciding when to “Afterlight” and when to “Facetune.” It’s having an absurd amount of infinity scarves, but never quite feeling like you have enough. It’s the dedication to always having the new iPhone, no matter how overpriced it is.

More than just having an iPhone, being a basic bitch also means that you destroy your iPhone. A lot. Whether it’s shattering it when leaving the bar, or dropping it in the toilet, again, after you “broke the seal,” we go through iPhones like they aren’t extremely expensive, fragile pieces of technology.

But according to Mashable, that might all be changing soon. Rumor has it that the iPhone 7 is going to be waterproof. You know. So when you drunkenly drop it into your vodka soda, or it gets bumped out of your hand when you’re on the boat, or when it falls in the sink at the worst possible time, IT WILL STILL WORK. Gone will be the days of praying that the rice trick actually works, and crying to your parents that it “wasn’t your fault” while you beg them to buy you a new one.

From Mashable:

The iPhone 7 will reportedly be waterproof and dustproof the iPhone 7 will reportedly be waterproof and dustproof, if early prototypes turn out to be the real deal. This is particularly interesting since Apple has been hesitant to release an iPhone with even water-resistance while rivals like Samsung and Motorola have.

Sure, right now these are just rumors. But if smart people on the internet think it’s true, than that’s good enough for me. So before you run out and buy the new 6S (if you haven’t already), consider waiting. In just a year(ish) we might finally have an iPhone that can hang with our wild (read: drunk) lifestyle. Better yet, we won’t have to replace them every year when we drop them in the bathtub while trying to Instagram both our bubble covered chests, and our glasses of wine. Not that this will stop us from buying new ones every year, but whatever. Still, if you did shell out $500+ on a slightly better phone, never fear. Chances are you’ll drop this one in a puddle and need the 7 by next year anyways.

Sometimes being basic really, really pays off. If you’re not our parents or our paychecks, that is.

[via Mashable]

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