BREAKING: You Can Now Upload Photos To Instagram Without Making Them Into Squares

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The square rule has always been the worst thing about Instagram. It forced you to make difficult decisions, like cutting off your cute shoes or the top of your boyfriend’s head. If you wanted to keep both, you had to download third-party apps and make it a square through those, in addition to the apps you use to make you look prettier/skinnier. That’s too much effort to put into one Instagram photo, if you ask me.

Those days are over, because today Instagram finally gave in and allowed us to post landscape or portrait photos WITHOUT having to crop them into squares. There is a God, and he heard us bitching about how much it sucks to crop our selfies.

From Four Pins:

The company says one out of every five photos is posted with some form of black or white padding on the side. This update (for iOS and Android) is an effort, as Instagram product manager Ashley Yuki explains, to make those horizontal and vertical photos feel more native to the platform. “We call it the full bleed treatment,” she says, explaining that photos will now extend to the edge of your phone’s screen.

Don’t worry, because it won’t effect how your feed normally looks. Your photos, newly freed from their constraints, will just have less borders around them if they aren’t a square. Your profile page will still look sleek, as the photos there will be center-cropped to keep the grid format. The upload default for Instagram will still be square, because apparently they can’t completely let go, but at least you can finally upload that super drunk selfie of you and 12 of your BFFs without cropping someone out.

You can see the update in this clip Star Wars just uploaded:

A video posted by Star Wars (@starwars) on

What a time to be alive and narcissistic.

[via Four Pins]

Image via Instagram

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