British Woman Throws Elaborate Wedding In Order To Marry Herself

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Sue Sylvester did it in “Glee.” Carrie Bradshaw did it in “Sex and the City.” And now, Grace Gelder did it in Devon, England. After six years of self, sexual, and romantic exploration, Grace decided to take a vow, take the plunge, and get married. To herself.

After all those years of living life for herself, Grace wanted to do something that would make her values and goals stick. So, naturally, she invited 50 of her closest friends to witness a ceremony in which she promised to stand by the values she set for herself. Her guests watched as she repeated vows, gave herself a ring, and kissed a mirror to finish it off (note: I don’t know if it was a classy wedding kiss or one of those shockingly graphic ones, but considering the whole self-wedding thing, I’m guessing she put on a show).

At first, I thought she was crazy, or at least just trying to get a pair of Manolos out of someone, but the more I pondered it, the more I realized that she is a genius. Considering the fact that she didn’t swear off other partners besides herself (cheater) she basically got to have a practice wedding. This could be the best idea ever, because…

She got to have a practice wedding dress.
She chose a dress, and now she can look back and answer questions that we all want to know for our wedding day: will it flatter in all lighting? Will you be able to do the “Cha Cha Slide” in it? Can you slip in and out of it easily, for sexual emergencies?

She got to have cake.
Any cake for any reason is good. Plus, she got to practice planning. From what I understand, planning a wedding is extremely stressful. From location to caterer to who to seat next to your crazy, cat food-eating aunt, it’s just one headache after another. Not only has Grace already been through it once, but she can most likely just reuse some of the ideas from this wedding for her next wedding. If not, I bet tons of event planners would love to help her out, considering her 15 minutes of self-marriage fame.

She got to see if her Pinterest boards were up to par.
Assuming she pinned every detail of her wedding, she got to see if things like that DIY centerpiece was actually possible. By creating her first dream wedding, she now has the opportunity to go back, delete, and re-pin; she’ll be able to make her second wedding even better and put us all to shame.

And finally, she got to have a party all about her.
Few times can you have a party completely centered on yourself. You get birthdays, but after you turn 21, they go from being fun to depressing. Having her own wedding made it possible to have all of the attention on her, wear a fabulous gown, and avoid sharing the spotlight with anyone–including a groom.

Despite other self-weddings we have seen, she didn’t do this because she was giving up on finding that perfect person, or to receive that perfect pair of shoes–she decided to marry herself because a self-marriage ceremony was a way to instill her values, celebrate herself, and become our new role model. Two weddings for you, Grace Gelder. You go, Grace Gelder.

[via The Guardian]
Image via Nick Cunard

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