Britney Spears Is Teaming Up With A Fellow Blonde Diva To Release A New Single


Hello, my name is Rachel Page, and I am a fangirl. I dressed as Britney Spears for not one, but three different nights, in three intricate costumes for Halloween weekend. I love Britney. When I found out she was releasing a new single, I couldn’t wait for more auto-tuned goodness that I’d been yearning for since “Work Bitch.”

Imagine my surprise when I continued my hunt for more info on this single, and find out it’s with none other than pizza loving Iggy Azalea! I almost died and went to fangirl heaven. Despite the heat Iggy Iggs has been receiving lately, poor girl, you have to admit she puts out a lot of hit jam sensations. Just think about how many times you’ve listened to “Fancy.” Yeah that’s right, you know you love her. Also, I have to assume that her blonde is anything but natural, and us fake blondes have got to stick together. This duo can only mean one thing: Summer. Mega-hit. Spectacular.

While you read onward, feast your ears on this genius Britney/Iggy mashup and just think of the potential.

Apparently the two have been girl crushing on each other for awhile now, so releasing a song together was only a matter of time. Watch this video of Brit gushing over I-G-G-Y.

Ugh, they’re so cute. The single appropriately titled, “Pretty Girls”, is dropping on May 5, aka Cinco de Drinko, and is sure to be your new “OMG THIS IS MY SONG” song. Even better news, is that there is a music video in the works. I’m not sure if the world is ready for this jelly, but I, for one, sure am.

[via Time]
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