Bucknell’s House Party Weekend Canceled

State Paddy’s Day — canceled. Rutgersfest — canceled. Recently added to that list, Bucknell’s House Party Weekend — canceled.

House Party Weekend at Bucknell University is one of the many across the country that bring visitors from all over (particularly neighboring schools) together with one common goal: to get shitfaced. The tradition, an IFC event, began decades ago, and since the first House Party Weekend, every March has gotten rowdier and rowdier. Bucknellians reveled in the one weekend per year they could show people they knew how to rage…until now. President John Bravman has recently elected to cancel House Party Weekend in favor of “safety.” Pussy.

This year there were 15 students hospitalized with BACs over .239, and one over .373. Students were said to be so drunk that they were unable to walk. Other belligerent behavior was reported, such as broken windows in dormitories and vomit on campus landmarks. One student is said to have urinated in front of a campus administrator. Psh. Sounds like a Tuesday, amirite?

Bravman maintains that this type of behavior is harmful to the reputation of the Greek system, and that “Whatever [the weekend] was designed to be, it no longer is” as it’s no longer nothing but a weekend of partying. Hmmm…House Party Weekend? I’m sorry, Bravman, but I have to imagine it was designed to be a weekend filled with house parties. Sounds like it’s still EXACTLY what it was designed to be. Regardless, Bravman, on behalf of Bucknell, can no longer condone this type of behavior or the event it results from.

You win this one, Buzzkill Bravman. Ya jerk.

[via Penn Live]


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