California Lawmakers Want To Remove The Tampon Tax

California Lawmakers Want To Remove The Tampon Tax

There are times when being a girl is the best, like when your eyebrow game is killing and your beachy waves look effortlessly perfect. Then, there are times when being a girl is the absolute worst, like when your period decides to show up on a hot first date. You have to 1) not freak out, 2) excuse yourself to the restroom during the first good conversation you’ve had with a boy in months, 3) pray you don’t have a giant stain on your cute dress, and 4) desperately search your purse for tampons. That’s when you remember you were totally going to pick up a new pack at the store yesterday, but your bank account was at a whopping $3.68 so you decided to put them back until your parents bailed you out. This is, of course, all happening while your date is completely oblivious to the fact that his night will not end on a happy note and, unfortunately, you will be playing the “hard to get” card.

If only girls could pay as much as boys do for their problems, because they pay, like, nothing. We have to buy tampons and pay co-pays for birth control. We have to give birth one day and shell out our money for epidurals and hospital bills. We throw our money at makeup and fancy hair products (even though we don’t really need to) to look pretty in the eyes of our male counterparts. And all the guy has to do is pay for dinner every once in awhile.

But lawmakers are starting to realized all of our girl struggles, and, in California, they are considering lifting taxes on tampons. A few states have already stopped the taxes and a few others are completely free of sales tax. That means no tax on expensive bras or special underwear that don’t show when you wear leggings either. If you ask me, we all need to work towards that goal. Take my money from somewhere else, because a girl needs to get her medical supplies (and shop for lots of unnecessary things). Amirite?

Here’s why all states should lift taxes on tampons.

1. The average woman spends over $3,000 in her lifetime on tampons, and guys will have to pay maybe $14 for the two times his wife makes him go grocery shopping.

2. In California alone, women pay over $20 million in taxes on pads and tampons, which is a lot of money we could be using to purchase crafts on Etsy to help our local economies (and fellow sorority girls).

3. What do homeless women do? This is a lot different than the “just use your sleeve when you don’t have a napkin” method.

4. That cup thing is disgusting, and I refuse to use it.

5. Not only do I have to give up sex for 25 percent of my life because it’s a mess down there, but I also have to pay extra for it.

6. Amy Schumer would definitely support this issue, which makes it very important.

7. It’s just, like, the rules of feminism.

[via USA Today College]

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