Canadian Professor Has Students Sign Free Speech Waiver, Told He Can No Longer Teach Class

Canadian Professor Has Students Sign Free Speech Waiver, Told He Can No Longer Teach Class

Dr. Michael Persinger, a cute old professor at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario (Canada, people) was recently told he could no longer teach his psychology class. At the beginning of each semester, he had his students sign a waiver that they were comfortable with his use of profane language. As a psychology professor, he used “Silly words, complex words, emotional words, profane words. Because they influence how you make decisions and how you think.” If students were not comfortable with the language, Persinger offered another section of the class for them to take.

Some of the language was to get what I’ll admit, is aggressive (the F-word, homophobic slurs, vulgar terms for genitalia), but I’m not sure he actually did anything wrong. When teachers are bold, they’re more interesting! Persinger told CBC:

“It’s also a tremendous recruitment tool. Students enjoy the fact that it says ‘restricted’ on the top. What they like about the class is they can ask any question they want, no matter how politically incorrect,” he said.

“And we will discuss it in a rational way, using data more than emotional argument, more than political correctness and more that just social agendas.”

The teacher’s union argues that this violates Persinger’s academic freedom, which “includes freedom of teaching, research and discussion, no matter how controversial, without reprisal or censorship.”

Good lord, this Earth rn.

[via CBC]

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