Canadian Students Do The Most Canadian Thing Ever And Help Cops Shut Down Their Own Party

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St. Patrick’s Day in college is insane. At my school, everyone wakes up early to spend the whole day drinking green beer, green liquor, and doing green jello shots. Professors don’t even bother scheduling exams that day because it’s mutually understood that no one is going to show up. If you aren’t nursing a hangover by 9 p.m., you did the whole holiday wrong. For safety, there are police out in mass, and parties get shut down on the regular.

For most college students, having the party you’re at shut down is basically the worst thing ever, because it means you can’t drink free beer any longer and you might get arrested if you are underage. People get pissed. I’ve even seen a couple of dudes drunkenly try to fight the officers who were trying to shut their parties down. It can get seriously dangerous.

But apparently, not in Canada. Just like us, our friendly neighbors to the north celebrate Saint Paddy’s Day by drinking insane amounts of alcohol and blacking out by noon. Some guys at Wilfrid Laurier University had the completely original idea to earn some extra cash by getting some kegs and then charging people to come and drink at their house on Thursday. Inspired, I know. Things started to get a little out of hand (because #alcohol) and the cops took notice.

With people and alcohol spilling out on the street, the cops went in to disperse the partygoers and found that people had been paying to drink. Since it’s illegal to sell alcohol without a permit, the cops seized the beer and started to shut the party down. Then, in typical Canadian fashion, the hosts of the parties started to help the police. They carried the kegs out to the police vans, loaded them and apologized profusely for breaking the law.

Then, because cops in Canada are apparently the chillest police ever, all the charges for selling without a permit were dropped. They even posed for pictures with the law-breakers. They probably would have stayed around for a beer if they hadn’t just seized all the alcohol.

I don’t know if it’s because Canada is the nicest place on earth or if these guys just know how to get out of being arrested, but if you get caught illegally selling alcohol, just help the cops bust you and you might just get off scot-free.

[via Buzzfeed]

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