Celebrities Totally Copied Us When They Showed Up To the Met Gala Basically Nude (Photos)

Met Gala

Ladies, we did it. After years of attending “ABC: Anything But Clothes” parties, we have finally set a trend in Hollywood. Last night at the Met Gala, celebrities we have admired forever finally took a page out of our books.

They showed up at an event wearing dresses made of fishnet, glitter, and not much else.

That’s right. At an extremely prestigious event the theme amongst some of our icons seems to have been “who can show the most skin without actually showing vag.” And it’s like, hello? We’ve been doing this on socials forever. Still, these celebrities upped the game in a way only they can (read: money, personal trainers, hordes of adoring fans). Three women in particular took the peekaboo trend to the extreme, and you can almost hear the judgement from the media radiating off of their cast net gowns.

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Met Gala 2015.

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Some people were shocked by the fashion. Some were expecting it. I mean, the theme of the night was “China: Through the Looking Glass.” Like, you had to see this coming. Don’t call an event “Through the Looking Glass” if you don’t want people to show up basically naked. Naturally, the reactions ranged from “this is great! Girl power!” to “this is disgusting and trashy.” People said that it was beautiful, that these women were attention whores, that they paved the way for fashion, and that they’re a disgrace. Which is basically what we get when we go on socials, so we feel ya ladies. Let the haters hate, you know?

Whichever side you’re on, you have to agree: It’s nice to finally be recognized. You’re welcome, Bey, JLo, and Kim for setting the “clothes that aren’t really clothes” trend. You’re welcome.

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