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As women, we are taught to be self-conscious. But there’s something that’s telling us that maybe that’s wrong. If I may quote the queen Amy Schumer, “we have this sneaking suspicious in the back of our minds, like, ‘Am I maybe gorgeous? I think I’m gorgeous and I just haven’t stumbled upon the right hairdo.'” Is it possible? Are we all just diamonds in the rough, waiting for the day we get the courage to finally style it in a way that matches our aesthetic and soul?

When I was younger, and I wasn’t writing about boys in my diary or riding bikes with my neighbors, I was watching marathons of America’s Next Top Model. My mom hated it so much that she couldn’t even be in the same room with it playing, but I was addicted. They were taking these lanky, Bambi-on-ice, awkward looking girls and making them look absolutely stunning. My favorite episode was the makeover episode. Tyra would bestow each model with a description of the hairstyle that would unlock their modeling future. Girls would get wild colors, mile-long weaves, and some even got their head shaved. Through the tears and the excitement, the caterpillars would emerge as beautiful, modeling butterflies. I waited for the day when Tyra would tell me what style would turn me from the girl next door to the girl in the centerfold.

I grew my hair out as a security blanket starting in high school. I cut my hair into a bob sophomore year and felt like an overgrown 7-year-old, so I swore I would never cut it again. It was never long enough. I would get bored with it and cut off a couple inches, but I always ended up growing it out. But after years of the weight of my hair and the baggage I carried with it dragging me down, I chopped it off, and I was reborn.


My friends fawned over my fresh cut, and eyed me with envy that I was absolutely rocking short hair. The external feedback was helpful, but for the first time since I could remember, I liked my hair. I finally felt like I had the hair that fit me. It was sassy and fun, just like me. I wasn’t a long hair girl. I didn’t not have the patience or know-how to be able to tame the beast anymore. I wasn’t trying to be a long hair girl. I was me. And when I dyed it blonde? My metamorphosis was complete. I was who I was truly meant to be. I wasn’t “maybe gorgeous,” I was goddamn beautiful.

Something as simple as a hairstyle can change your entire being. Just think of Zooey Deschanel in Elf. You can’t. She’s a blah blonde who doesn’t have much of a personality. But give her some bangs and brown locks, she becomes the face of quirky girls everywhere.

A brunette Lady Gaga was hired by a record company before her hit Just Dance, but was dropped soon after.

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But with hard work and a ton of bleach, she was able to rise to the top and become one of the biggest pop icons to date.

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Katy Perry is a natural blonde, but what would she be without her dark hair and bright blue eyes and colorful outfits?

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Leighton Meester also dyed her blonde hair darker, which seriously worked out her in favor. After all, every blonde needs a brunette best friend.

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Taylor Swift signaled her transformation from country girl to pop star by trading her long curls for a sleek bob, and she hasn’t looked back.

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So cut the shit and cut your hair. You’ll thank me later.

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