Cheating Idiot Gets Surprise Of His Life When All Three Of His Girlfriends Surprise Him At The Airport — And Ruin His Life

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Coming from a girl who has been screwed over more times than I care to admit, this modern day “John Tucker Must Die” story warmed my stone-cold heart.

When 20-year-old Charlie Fisher returned home from a trip to Germany, he never, ever imagined the group who came to greet him: three highly pissed off girls, who got played by the same fucking douchebag.

How these three got together is any guy’s nightmare. Becky Connery (Girlfriend 1) was being a bomb-ass girlfriend and spending time with Fisher before he left on his trip. She was shocked when he cut their time together short and asked her to leave. Because she has a brain, she obviously got suspicious, and like any tech-savvy female, she went through his phone. What she found was a message to another girl (who chose to remain anonymous) saying, “I will meet you later.” Girlfriend 1 said she had her suspicions in the past, due to his freakish behavior of deleting her comments on social media about their relationship and not letting her post any pictures of them together. Red fucking flag. She ended up contacting the girl who Fisher planned to invite over later and got confirmation he was not being faithful and also calling her his girlfriend.

The CIA should really look into hiring psycho girlfriends because with a little detective work, Girlfriend 1 and Girlfriend 2 found a third girlfriend, Lizzie Leeland-Cunningham.

Are you kidding? The only thing coming to my mind at this point is how does he even have time to handle three girlfriends? Two girlfriends, maybe (still shitty) but THREE? There is no way he can actually have a job–he is way too busy being a professional asshole.

But like the winners they are, they decided to take him down. When Fisher returned, the three of them were waiting for him at customs. I can only imagine the look on his face. There is no doubt in my mind that his balls jumped up as far as they could inside him. The three reported that his jaw hit the floor when he saw them standing together. He literally had no idea what to do and instead of addressing the situation like a real man, he ran crying to his grandma. Once the girlfriends explained to his nana what her grandson had done, she gave them her blessing to rip him a new asshole.

The cheating scandal has brought the three together and they have formed a deep friendship. This story turned out pretty identical to that of “The Other Woman,” and it is no coincidence that the roles of the women who got cheated on (Carly, Kate, and Amber) are played by Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton. They embody the strong, confident, no bullshit woman we all strive to be. When actually in this situation, Girlfriends 1, 2, and 3 showed a lot of courage. They didn’t take the easy way out–instead, they stood up for themselves and what was right. If you ask me, the outcome couldn’t have been more incredible. I can’t image the things I would do to publicly shame the guys who have cheated on me.

Usually when a girl finds out her boyfriend has been cheating, she immediately hates the other girl. The guy usually has to put in minimum work and just say the right things to get her to forgive him. Instead, these women blamed the real person at fault–the guy. I’m not saying we should all become BFFs with the girl(s) our boyfriend was fucking behind our back, but we should use these three as role models to never forget the strength of girl power.

Here are the three genius minds behind the operation:

The evidence:

And here’s the biggest douche of all time. If you ever see him, I give you full permission to throw things at him:

Their story even made headlines in England:

Good luck on EVER getting another girl again, douchebag.

[via Elite Daily]

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