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Celebrities being Photoshopped to gain more weight

I don’t know if you were aware, but being the “ideal body weight” is totally “in.” This craze started right around the time when Earth was created. In case you haven’t been on Instagram or Facebook, or you haven’t watched any sort of television, the current “in” body type is “fit.” You know, the clean eating, gym going, toned and slim bullshit. For those of us who aren’t so keen on putting down the pizza and picking up some free weights, there’s this little piece of magic software called Photoshop. Used by celebrities and celebrities at heart, Photoshop has made our thighs thinner, our necks slimmer, and our bellies oh so ab-like. Well, most of us. David Lopera, a 20-year-old artist, decided to do something a little bit different with Photoshop.

Taking some of the most beautiful and famous women in the world, Lopera altered their appearances to add weight, curves, and body mass. These women have some of the most coveted bodies in the world, so what happened when David makes them, by societal standards, overweight? See for yourself.


Emma Watson


Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

Whoaaaa. Right? So what made this artist decide to turn some of our slim-bodied icons into full-figured ladies? In an interview with Daily Mail, he says that after altering a photo of Katy Perry, “men were messaging me with requests to Photoshop other stars to look flabby.” Really? Yeah. Apparently he and a lot of other guys in the world think that “these women look much better when they’re overweight.” Thanks for letting us know, boys. I feel like we could have been spending all of that gym membership money on something else, like cake.

According to his Facebook, Lopera “hope[s] [to] change people’s mind about the beauty standards.” After releasing these photos to the internet, David has received tons of backlash, both positive and negative. Some people feel that David is trying to get attention while disrespecting these celebrities. Other people, however, feel that his work celebrates diversity and beauty of all sizes. Poor Photoshop. No matter what it does, everyone gets mad at it. Honestly, though, whatever side of the argument you’re on, you have to admit that these pictures are fascinating.


Kim Kardashian

Kim K Before And After

After reaching out to him, David Lopera told me that he doesn’t want women to be unhealthy, he “just wants people to accept the big women a little bit more.” Besides, I think we can all agree, Kim K. looks much more natural in the second picture.

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Image via David Lopera’s Artwork

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