Check Out TSM’s Sisters Of The Week: 3 Awesome AZDs Who Shared Their Sexual Assault Stories And Started A Movement

Sisters Of The Week

We’ve recently decided to recognize extraordinary (and/or hilarious) sorority women throughout the country in a new “Sister Of The Week” feature, because if not us, who? We catch so much flak, so we might as well show them what being in a sorority really means. Meet Julie Gelb, Jackie Reilly, and Caroline Heres, sisters of Alpha Xi Delta at Syracuse University, who are TSM’s first ever Sisters of the Week.

After suffering sexual assaults that brought the three together, the girls shared their stories (which you can read in full on their blog) and put together something incredible.

From there, the girls realized the injustice going on on every campus throughout the country. Women are too often victims of sexual assault, and too few people are talking about it. They refused to be a part of that silent many, and they created a platform for women to share their stories, raise awareness, educate people, and prevent future assaults. What started as an anti-sexual assault discussion became a movement: The Girl Code Movement.

Girl Code is the college-focused, anti-sexual assault organization. We raise awareness in college women to become empowered bystanders who can stop a rape from happening by simply identifying an at-risk women and taking action. Alcohol, drugs, bad relationships and other factors can create an environment at college where a women is at risk of being raped and unable to defend herself. Our cock block crew (CBC) movement and pledge unites college women across the country to become active operatives to stop a rape from happening.

The girls have had an enormous amount of support from the community at Syracuse, allowing them to “change the identity our negative experiences into something positive and empowering” and “take back control.” The movement is continually growing thanks to their bravery, providing other girls with this same opportunity. But they make it clear: “I don’t share my story because I think it’s the brave thing to do. I share my story because it’s the necessary thing to do.”

Sisters Of The Week

Jackie Reilly, Left
• Age — 20
• School — S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University
• Major — Graphic Design
• Sorority — Alumnae Relations Chair at the Eta Chapter at Alpha Xi Delta
• Other extracurricular activities — Designer for 20 Watts Magazine, Newhouse Peer Adviser

Caroline Heres, Center
• Age — 20
• School — College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University
• Major — Women and Gender Studies, also on a Pre-Med Track
• Sorority — The Eta Chapter at Alpha Xi Delta
• Other extracurricular activities — Orientation Leader, Phi Delta Epsilon Professional Pre-Medical Fraternity, Orange Seeds Leadership Program

Julie Gelb, Right
• Age — 20
• School — S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University
• Major — Public Relations (Spanish Minor)
• Sorority — The Eta Chapter at Alpha Xi Delta
• Other extracurricular activities — Phanstiel Scholar

To learn more about TSM’s Sister of the Week, click here and email (not .com) to nominate someone!

Featured Image Via Taylor Lauren Barker

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