Cheese Is Actually Good For You

cheese is good for you

Reduced-fat cheese is one of those things that sounds in theory like it might be a good idea. When your love handles are feeling a little softer than usual and you’re a little jealous of the fact that your best friend recently lost a ton of weight and is getting compliments left and right, things like reduced-fat cheese start to sound almost appealing. Just because you’re trying to drop a couple of pounds doesn’t mean you need to give up cheese altogether, right? Because I’m pretty sure a cheese-less life is a form of torture.

Here’s the thing: reduced-fat cheese is the absolute worst. Don’t want to take my word for it? Go out and waste six dollars on it yourself and you’ll see that I’m right. The taste is totally off and it feels like you’re chewing rubber. It’s pointless. Luckily for those of us who don’t fool around when it comes to our cheese, a recent study conducted by the University of Copenhagen in Denmark might have just revealed that full-fat cheese is better for you than you think.

The study surveyed people’s “good” and “bad” cholesterol levels after 12 weeks of eating full-fat cheese, reduced-fat cheese, and no cheese at all, and the results are very positive for cheese lovers. The measurements of participants’ “bad” cholesterol who’d eaten full-fat cheese for the 12 weeks were not discernibly different than the levels of those who’d eaten reduced-fat cheese. Hallejuah. Toss that skim milk mozzarella or whatever the hell is in your fridge, because full-fat cheese is officially good for more than just your soul. On top of that, levels of “good” cholesterol tended to be higher among subjects who ate full-fat cheese compared to the sad folks who’d abstained from cheese entirely.

The fact that this study was partially funded by dairy manufacturers means nothing to me. Were the results maybe a little skewed? Who cares? It’s girl’s night tonight, and you can bet your ass I’m gonna be the one bringing the giant cheese wheel. Maybe I’ll even get an order of cheesy bread, too. Hey, I’m all about a healthy lifestyle.

[via Town and Country]

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