Cheese Shot Glasses For Wine Will Even Have White People Saying “SMH, White People”

Cheese Shot Glasses For Wine Will Even Have White People Saying "SMH, White People"

Like most decisions in life, it is very beneficial to weigh the pros and cons of each circumstance. So that’s what we’re going to do with this new wine/cheese shot combo, because I’m conflicted AF right now. The fatass in me loves the fact that I could eat my shot glass after I drink the wine. The judgmental bitch in me thinks this so stupid that I would not associate with anyone who actually thought this was a good idea. Let’s begin.

So like I said, you can eat the shot glass, and you know it’s going to taste good, so that’s a plus. If you had people over they would think you are craft royalty if you took time out of your life to make cheese shot glasses. The next Martha Stewart, even. They look pretty cute and I’m sure the picture you put on Instagram would get a lot of buzz. You could possibly also curve the drunk eating binges by eating five of your shot glasses before you go out.

This is so extra. Can you get drunk off of a shot of wine? No. So why drink it out of a shot glass when you can take the whole bottle to the face. Also, what if you eat the cheese too quickly and your wine spills out? What if the cheese is accidentally bad and you didn’t know. Now you’ve wasted perfectly good wine in your cheese shot glass. Who actually has time to make cheese shot glasses? Try-hards who don’t have a social life, that’s who.

So conclusion time. I think cheese and wine should stay in their respective forms. But if someone had these at their party, I’d totally eat/drink it, so not a complete fail.

[via Elite Daily]

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