Chi Omega At OU Severs Achilles Tendon At Sorority House, Now Suing Her Chapter


Living in a sorority house has its dangers. Making everlasting friendships, gaining a few pounds from the amazing meals the chef whips up, and now apparently automatic doors.

Delaney Stengel is suing the Tau Alpha chapter of Chi Omega at OU after accidentally severing her Achilles tendon when an automatic door closed on he left leg.

The claim is being filed nine months after the incident occurred late last November. Stengal was placing some luggage outside on the patio of the Chi Omega house when the automatic door swung shut unexpectedly. It closed on her leg, causing a painful and costly injury.

From The Post:

According to court documents, Stengel’s leg was caught between the door and the frame when “the metal covering … completely severed Delaney Stengel’s Achille’s tendon of her left leg.” As a result of being struck by the “razor-sharp” door, Stengel experienced substantial amounts of pain and large medical expenses, court documents said.

Severing the Achilles tendon is probably one of the most painful injuries a person can experience, so while I totally feel for this girl, I’m not entirely sure going after the sorority is the right answer here. It was a total freak accident that the sorority could not have anticipated when they put in automatic doors.

Stengel is going into the trial claiming she is “entitled to recover any damages,” including compensation for medical bills and costs associated with the court proceedings.

[via The Post]

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