Chi Phi Fraternity To Begin Accepting Transgender Members

Chi Phi

My best guy friend is the most insufferable frat guy I know. He’s a little out of control, but deep down he’s one of the sweetest guys I know — and that goes for a lot of other fraternity men I’ve come into contact with.

If you ever feel like you need someone to lovingly peer pressure you into doing something potentially dangerous, or anyone to grab a drink with at literally any time at all, your frat guy friends are going to be your go-to. Some are douchebags, and some are worse than that, but the ones that are good are easy to spot, and they make up some of the best men I know.

Case in point: the Chi Phi national fraternity. At a time when a fraternity is more likely to be in the news for something negative than something positive, the brothers of Chi Phi national fraternity are setting a different example by announcing a big change in their membership eligibility guidelines.

Effective immediately, the fraternity declared a change to its membership policy that was decided upon at their annual Congress. The policy change enables transgender men to rush the fraternity, which is seriously amazing. The change originated with the student members within the fraternity itself, not the nationally employed ones, and the idea is to make a serious effort to increase the inclusivity of the organization.

Props to you for being decent human beings, guys. This was one of the best headlines about fraternity men I’ve seen yet, and you are definitely the sort of guys I’d want to hang out with. If any of you ever want to grab a beer, hit a girl up.

[via Chi Phi]

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