Choose Your College Major Wisely, Because Your Future Husband Probably Shares The Same One

Your Future Husband Is Probably In Your Major

I always thought my husband would major in business, accounting, or biology on a pre-med track, because those are really the only professions that can sustain my lavish lifestyle of eating out every night and excessive online shopping. According to a study released by Priceonomics using data from the U. S. Census, that probably won’t happen for me. They discovered that Americans are marrying people with the same college major as themselves at an “unusually high rate.”

Over ten percent of all married American couples had the same college major. Ten percent might not seem like a lot, but if there were 54 million married Americans last year, that means 5,400,000 people married someone within their major. This doesn’t mean every couple met in some crowded lecture hall at the university they attended together, they could’ve gotten together later in life and met at work or a poetry reading or some bullshit like that. When they did meet, they likely already had that one thing in common, and the rest is history. Or engineering. Or accounting.

As it turns out, humans are pretty self-centered people and we ultimately want to date (and eventually marry) ourselves. Not surprising, considering I think I’m a pretty great catch.

Priceonomics also discoverd that if you’re a girl in a male-dominated field, your chances of marrying someone within your major is even higher. Shout out to all the female engineers out there, because not only will you make a ton of money, but there’s also a 40 percent chance your husband will also be an engineer and therefore be equally loaded. The reverse is also true for guys in girl-dominated fields, like nursing. A male nurse will end up marrying a female nurse 43 percent of the time.

I guess it makes sense to marry someone within your major because you spend a majority of your college and professional life with the same type of people. The only thing I have in common with a business major is that we both really like playing with money.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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