Chris Pratt Dominates The Ice Bucket Challenge By (Smirnoff) Icing Himself

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos are getting pretty annoying. There are just way too many of them and they pollute my newsfeed–thank God I’m unpopular enough to not have been nominated. At this point, I’m just patiently waiting for a “hide all Ice Bucket Challenge videos” option on Facebook. Regardless, we can’t ignore the fact that these videos have helped raise millions for an important cause, and we definitely can’t ignore Chris Pratt’s recent contribution to the trend.

Pratt filmed his own short clip, and pretty much showed up every other video we’ve seen. He was nominated twice, so he decided to shake things up a bit. He first chugged a little bottle of Blue Sky Vodka, and then he literally iced himself by downing a Smirnoff Ice. I haven’t iced anyone since high school, so I appreciate this gesture for two reasons: 1. He offers viewers a little throwback to a simpler time, and 2. He takes a random turn of events and turns it into an excuse to drink.

When he’s finished indulging in these drinks, he is then doused with the obligatory ice bucket by two women. After the second bucket, he screams, “That one went down by buttcrack!” Take a look at the video and try not to fall in love. Spoiler alert: you will fall in love anyway.

Patiently waiting for Ron Swanson.

[via BuzzFeed]

Image via BuzzFeed

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