Chrissy Teigen Fights Back Against Internet Trolls Making Fun Of The Kim K Robbery


Chrissy Teigen is known for putting the internet on blast. She is constantly calling internet trolls out for being the low-life society leeches that they are, so it was no surprise when I witnessed her rant on twitter this morning regarding the robbing of Kim Kardashian in Paris.

I could explain it to you, or I could just show you, and I think her tweets say it best:

And of course our gal never fails to present us with a dash of humor.

I personally think it is bonkers also, Chrissy. Since when did everything in life have to become an internet joke? I almost cried when I read the article about Kim’s experience. And not because I live vicariously through her snap chats and am obsessed with the whole Kardashian clan, but because I can’t even begin to imagine how terrifying it would be to be tied up, choked, and put in a bathtub in a foreign country while two armed men raided your apartment and put a gun to your head. Shit is scary.

So to all you shitheads out there trying to make a joke out of someone thinking they were going to lose their family and life within the timespan of an hour: grow a brain, stop being an idiot, and have some compassion for humanity. I don’t think you’d find it very funny if your life was almost taken from you.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via Instagram

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