Chrissy Teigen Has Made Her Twitter Account Private So Let’s All Just Call It Quits


We have gathered here today to mourn the loss of Christine Diane Teigen. Born November 30, 1985, wife to John Legend, mother to baby Luna. Chrissy had a successful modeling-turned Lip Sync Battle host-turned most influential person on the internet-career. But on Tuesday, October 4th, Chrissy decided to flip her spotlight switch from on to off. May she rest in peace.

No she didn’t die, but the ultimate Twitter troll killer did make her Twitter account private, which is pretty much equivalent to death in my opinion. Go ahead, search her on Twitter and see for yourself that we can no longer all laugh at the idiots of the world together with her.

In two tweets, which you can only see if you followed her while you still had the chance, she explains.



I see her point. She’s made a name for herself by responding to mean tweets. And although she usually handles her own, you have to wonder if responding to all that negativity has to sink in at some point.

So for those of you who decided to take the straight and narrow path and actually follow Chrissy while her account was not private, cherish her, protect her, love her. She deserves it. We took her for granted and now we lost her. We will miss you, Chrissy. If you ever decide to come back, we will welcome you with open arms and endless retweets.

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