Church And Prep School To Be Turned Into Frat House

Church And Elementary School To Be Turned Into Frat House

I love frat houses. They’re full of character, history, and downright hedonism…but in a good way. Drugs, alcohol, sex, hazing: they’re all good things that Jesus probably hates. Name one person who isn’t guilty of a sloppy makeout in a fraternity basement, or of flashing the whole party from the elevated surface where she was dancing. You can’t do it. And if you can, you know which guest is the first to cut from your birthday dinner reservation.

If I had to pick one place that was the opposite of a frat house, it would probably be an elementary school. Or maybe a church. I just don’t know. Luckily, I don’t have to choose, because FIJI at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is managing to renovate one of each and turn them into a new fraternity house. Twenty-eight members will move into their new home this October.

From the Troy Record:

The 24,000-square-foot location includes the former church, an area under the sanctuary and a former school building. Edelen said the downstairs area under the church would be used as an all-purpose room for dining and social functions. The upstairs section would be for a library, studying, seminars, guest speakers and formal functions.

The former school — once the location of Troy Prep, which is now located in South Troy — is being retrofitted for dormitory space and common areas.

Frat Church

The property is beautiful and large. The outside of the building, with its white columns, actually kind of looks like a frat house. Well, except for the giant steeple on top that tells people from miles away, “Worship here!” but the boys are planning to paint it, so uh, no confusion on this one. I think it’s really awesome that the guys have secured this location, but it’s just a little weird for members and party-goers alike to know that any time they enter the FIJI house, Jesus is watching. Making pledges roll around in their own vomit? Jesus is watching. Doing a pregame wine and a pregame line? Jesus is watching. Nailing a person you’ve never met before and then tip-toeing out in the middle of the night to avoid the awkward “hi, I’m Amy” conversation in the morning? Jesus is sitting there with a bag of popcorn and a box of jujubes, you betcha.

In any case, the boys are really excited to move into their new house. Inside renovations should be completed by the school’s Homecoming this year, and just in time for the fraternity’s 30th anniversary on campus. Should be a hell of a–er, a really good semester.

[via Troy Record]

Image via Times Union

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