“Classy” Orgies Are Now A Thing


I’m the kind of person who loves to step out of my comfort zone and will try pretty much anything at least once. I’m the self-proclaimed winner of “Never Have I Ever” (or loser depending on how you look at it) and am forced to put down a finger in response to pretty much every statement. One thing I cannot admit to having tried, though, is an orgy.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against group sex whatsoever. In fact, the concept has always fascinated me. However, I have never found myself in a situation in which the opportunity has presented itself.

If you too are curious about the idea of getting down and dirty with all of your best friends (and some strangers) but have yet to find an opportunity to do so, then you must look no further. According to Cosmopolitan, for an affordable price of $400 per couple you and your significant other can attend Killing Kitten’s White Party. You know a “classy” orgy.

The founder of the Killing Kittens, a London-based sex-party business, is a former classmate of the Duchess of Cambridge and her name is Emma Sayle. On June 18 Ms. Sayle will be hosting her event in the Hamptons with the purpose of encouraging guests to “explore their innermost fantasies and deepest sexual desires in a safe, but sexually-charged environment.”

The location of the party has yet to be released other than that it will be held at a private estate. And if the idea of an over-the-top decadent orgy sounds alluring to you, you can buy tickets and find more information at

Although, with a name like Killing Kittens I think I might just stick with my typical Friday night frat boy go-to.

[via Cosmopolitan, Killing Kittens]

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